Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYC Ballet - The Nutcracker

I went to the NYC Ballet production of The Nutcracker last week! I had been waiting to go for a really long time and I dragged Brittnee along. I haven't been to a Ballet in a really long time and I have missed going to them and to see one in NYC I can't believe I haven't gone sooner!

The ballerina's did a great job portraying the different characters that they were in the ballet. This picture is of snowflakes and one of my other favorite was the Angels they were children and did a great job. All the costumes were beautiful and really brought the whole ballet to life.

The stage is HUGE. That is the great thing about seeing any theater productions in NYC all the stages are really big and the sets are that much bigger, so that it doesn't matter where you sit you are able to see the show. I loved the sets even though there weren't very many. The show was short and simple and I loved the interpretation of it. The choreograph and music really reminded me why I love classical music it is so soothing and really is a comfort to me.

Our seats were on the fourth ring.....the tippy top. We still were able to see everything that is what counts! The problem with having the cheapest seats is that we seemed to be on the ring with all the parents who like to torture their children and take them to the Ballet at a young age,
so when they are older they hate them :)

I got to sit by a four year old that did not want to be there and used my armrest as a pillow for the last half of the show. Not going to complain about that though because at least she was quiet when she was asleep unlike when she was awake and had no idea what was going on in the Ballet. As everyone knows children under 5 attention span is about five minutes and after that all she did was ask questions about what was going on until she fell asleep. Thank heaven for small miracles.

I really enjoyed all the children in the production though I am amazed at how disciplined they are. Their ages range from 6-10 years old. I really want to know what the secret is on how they kept those children quiet. They danced very well as well and looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Can't wait to go to another Ballet!!

Also, NYC has HOT ballet principal dancers.... These are some, but trust me there were a lot more than this and two of the dancers are from SLC. I thought that was interesting

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