Friday, December 17, 2010

Walking Around...

Even though there isn't snow yet (not complaining) I love how very festive NYC is during Christmas time, so I took some pictures!

I had to run some errands so I took the scenic route and went through Central Park and took some pictures of trees without leaves... Also some pretty apartment buildings near Central Park. The picture on the bottom left is right next to Central Park and the apartments look gorgeous inside. While walking near Central Park I saw Ben Lyons! He is a movie critic and really cute. :) Good way to start my stroll through CP.

I really like not having to drive everywhere and spending my time in traffic, but today while trying to get home a train had stalled and backed up all the trains towards my apartment. It took 25 minutes for the problem to be resolved which is fine because I wasn't in a hurry, but some people were and they were not happy. New Yorkers are very impatient they really don't know how to relax.

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